Healing Summit 2022

Countdown to Healing Summit 2022

Emotional healing is always possible, as long as you are open to releasing expectations about what the experience will be like or what it will lead to. 
The reality is that you will never be the same person as you were before whatever happened that you are healing from.
Are you going through pain? Have you been wounded? Do you have scars? 
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Speaker Lineup & Summary Profile

How the Healing Summit & Community Has Helped Others

I am Michael by name, a member of Beauty & Balance Empire Community (BBE).

I have been a member of this group for over three (3) months and I have gained so much from this Prestigious group; most especially in lessons that have been taught in the group:
“Self Encouragement”, “Laughter (Benefits of a good laugh)”, “How to show empathy to myself and others”, Push till you win”, etc.

I have also been encouraged in reading which has also helped me in reading some books ranging from: ” The Wait”, Parenting Intelligent”, Your Journey to Healing”, “Your Signature Advantage”, etc.

I want to use this opportunity to appreciate and give kudos to my most Precious and Valuable Coach “Pharm Iniobong Josiah”, for the good work she is doing.

I Pray God Almighty bless her abundantly, for the knowledge she passes to us, in Jesus name.

I have learnt to do things in an orderly manner, be vulnerable, show love to people, and so importantly effectively manage my health and resources daily.
I have gained the knowledge, emotional healing, wisdom to explore, strong passion for reading, self confidence and working towards achieving my goal.

I’m RHODA! In the last quarter of last year, I had the worst experience of my entire existence. I suffered humiliation, rejection, fear of the unknown, lost the little self-esteem I had and was dejected.

My entire system turned upside down, I had to go for a comprehensive body test for the first time. The result showed i had HBP, mild memory loss, weight loss, loss of appetite, insomnia, migraine, dizziness, palpitations, blurred vision, a step away from stroke.

I was battered and shattered and landed in depression. Nothing in this life made sense to me. I felt like dying but I knew I couldn’t take my life. So I needed death to deal with me itself.

Precisely on Sunday November 21, last year. I encountered God and the story changed. So all I needed was to heal and become whole. The very next day, I saw Coach Inni’s status of a link to HEALING IN EVERY PLACE. All the topics pointed towards me and without an iota of doubt, I knew God orchestrated it for my healing.

I quickly joined. The Event was to begin in December but everyday Coach Inni and her Team kept dropping nuggets and stories of their healing experiences. By the end of the event, I was healed and recovered everything except my weight.

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